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Immunization Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Vaccines and Immunizations – Find information on a variety of topics: immunization schedules, recommendations and guidelines, FAQ, legal issues, vaccine safety and side effects.  You can also find copies of all Vaccine Information Statements you receive in the office when your child gets vaccinated. 

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) General Immunization/Vaccine Information Find information on a variety of topics: immunization schedules, recommendations and guidelines, FAQ, legal issues, vaccine safety and side effects.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP): Autism and Vaccine Safety for Parents – Information provided from the AAP about Autism and vaccine safety and links to recent news on Autism.

The Immunization Action Coalition ( – A nonprofit organization working to increase immunization rates and prevent disease by creating and distributing educational materials for health professionals and the public that enhance the delivery of safe and effective immunization services.  This site contains general information about the immunization program and links to research articles and handouts on all currently available vaccines.  They also sponsor which contains comprehensive information about specific diseases and the vaccine that prevents it.

The National Network for Immunization Information (NNii) ( – Organization that provides up-to-date, science-based information to healthcare professionals, the media, and the public.  Contains comprehensive information about vaccines and the diseases they prevent and lists state vaccine requirements for school entry.

The Institute for Vaccine Safety – Program established by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to provide an independent assessment of vaccines and vaccine safety to help guide decision makers and educate physicians, the public and the media about key issues surrounding the safety of vaccines. The institute’s goal is to work toward preventing disease using the safest vaccines possible.

Allied Vaccine Group – Contains links to websites dedicated to presenting valid scientific information about the sometimes confusing subject of vaccines.

PATH Vaccine Resource Library – Website sponsored by the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) that offers a wide variety of high-quality, scientifically accurate documents and links on vaccine-preventable diseases and topics in immunization.

Every Child By Two – Contains information on vaccines and vaccine safety aimed at raising parental awareness of the critical need for timely infant immunizations.

Vaccinate Your Baby - An awareness campaign that was launched by Every Child By Two, an organization devoted to raising awareness of the critical need for timely immunization and to foster a systematic way to immunize all of America's children by age two. The site was launched in August of 2008, and features news and information for parents who wish to learn the truth about immunization and how best to protect their children from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Shot Of Prevention - A community blog where individuals, parents, medical professionals and others can gather to discuss current events regarding immunizations.

Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases Includes a section on Immunizations detailing the importance of vaccines, the monitoring of their safety, and discussions of what would happen if we didn't vaccinate against certain diseases.

Voices for Vaccines Website established to provide clear, accessible, science-based information about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases.

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) – National organization promoting optimal health for children through leadership, practice, advocacy, education and research.  The NAPNAP sponsors two comprehensive online resources developed to promote recognition and education for two vaccine preventable diseases: Haemophilus Influenza and Pertussis.

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