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Seasonal Influenza Vaccine information

Posted: September 9, 2017

   Influenza season is coming. Schedule your flu vaccine by calling the office today. For information on this year's seasonal flu vaccine visit the CDC's website HERE. Due to recent recommendations by the CDC, we will only be offering the injectable form of the Influenza vaccine this year.

   If anyone else but your parent or legal guardian will be accompanying you to get your flu shot, please bring with you a note signed buy your parent or legal guardian giving that person permission to consent for and sign for the vaccine.


   Save time before your flu shot by downloading and filling out the Influenza Vaccine Consent Form before your appointment.  Click on one of the links below.


Certified Lactation Specialist on Staff

   As an added benefit to all our new moms, we can schedule in depth breastfeeding appointments with a lactation specialist, right in our office.


Wart Removal

   Call to schedule the removal of that bothersome wart using our in-office nitrous oxide, freezing procedure.


Our Weight Management Program

   Our F.A.N. Club teaches children and their families how to improve their health, with emphasis on healthy food choices and daily activities.



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